Your company’s objectives:
Carry out a risk analysis consistent with your operations and with the expectations of your stakeholders.
Base your strategy on your client’s expectations.
Improve client satisfaction.
Improve efficiency.
Reduce costs related to non-compliance.
Organise your structure on the process approach.
Motivate your personnel by setting objectives and targets.
Improve knowledge transfer.


Then, the ISO 9001 standard
meets your requirements.

Your company’s objectives:
Identify, assess and control professional risk.
Draw up and/or update your "health and safety risks assessment".
Reduce the risk of accidents.
Put in place emergency measures.
Gain time and reduce costs by reducing risk.
Improve prevention for employees.
Train teams in OHS management.
Meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

Then, the standard OHSAS 18001 
or MASE or the ISO 45001 
meets your requirements.

Your company’s objectives:
Identify, assess and control your company’s environmental impact.
Reduce costs linked to polluting activity.
Prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies.
Respect the legal and regulatory requirements.
Cooperate with government departments (DREAL, Water authorities etc.).
Ensure the public is aware of your code of ethics.
Improve your company’s image.

Then, the standard ISO 14001
meets your requirements.

Your company’s objectives:
Commercialise safe and healthy products.
Draw up and/or update your HACCP analysis.
Obtain and maintain your health approval.
Anticipate and manage food related crises.
Satisfy your clients’ Food Safety expectations.
Improve consumer confidence.
Involve employees in food sector best practices.
Conquer new markets.
Respect the legal and regulatory requirements.


Then, the standards FSSC/ISO 22000,
meet your requirements.

Objectives of your company:

Deploying better environmental practices

Limit or avoid using chemical inputs

Contribute to a high degree of biodiversity

Preserve natural resources

Respect preference and build consumer confidence in products made with natural substances and processes.

Conquering new markets

Engage in a sustainable development approach to agriculture and organic farming


Then the references relating to the quality and environmental management systems of agricultural production, organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture or sustainable agriculture meet your expectations

Your company’s objectives:
Improve the leadership qualities of management teams.
Organisation of internal and external communication.
Motivate and involve the teams in the strategy.
Develop the skills and autonomy of colleagues.
Optimise internal resources to improve performance.


Then, the implementation
of the guiding principles of management
is the answer to your needs.

Objectives of your company:

Improve your energy performance
Quickly identify areas of energy consumption
Reduce the costs related to energy consumption
Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
Meet the expectations of your customers and customers in terms of sustainable development
Develop internal skills related to energy management
Show your commitment to energy efficiency and stand out from the competition


Then the ISO 50 001 standard
meets your expectations.

Your company’s objectives

Commercialize cosmetic products
that meet defined Quality characteristics
Conduct risk assessment and identify
critical points of your site activities
Control the key activities of your production site
Involve and train staff in good manufacturing practices
Apply a specific methodology for an effective
implementation of cosmetic GMP
Achieve the internal audit and audit of
your subcontractors according to a structured approach
Prepare for an inspection
Organize the compliance of your cosmetics
manufacturing site


Then, Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMP) according to ISO 22716
meets your requirements


Food Safety Manager & SRA


Sylvain Thibert
Operations Director


Groupe Danone

Catherine Contat
Grand Perrin
Operations Quality Manager


Géraud de Saint Sernin
Quality, Safety and Environment Director


Denis Ochsenbein
Managing Director


Operations Director


Christine BILLON
Solicitor’s clerk


Myriam Godin-Guichard
Systems Animator and Food Security


Yann Lagadeuc
General Manager Southern Europe