1. What was the result of ISO 9001 certification for your company?

We have started a process of "rebuilding" our quality system with AOC; the first contributions, the most perceptible and constructive, are the "mirror effect" and the questioning.

The "mirror" helped us to restructure our system, but especially the organization of the company itself. The questioning that supported the whole process greatly contributed to the clarification of our service offerings, our internal procedures and our communication.


2. How would you rate AOC’s support for your project?

The AOC team ensured a real support to the good perception of our organization. Olivia and Nathalie helped us in particular to have a clear vision and our system, our strategy, our operation and goals to achieve.

Their support allowed us to 1 better perceive the stakes of the standard, 2 to demystify the constraints, and especially 3 to have us build a simple, manageable and ISO compliant system. ISO 9001 certification by the DNV: check.



Pascal Degardin

Sales manager


December 2019

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