Undertaking certification in a very fluid regulatory context was a big gamble which meant we had to adapt very quickly. Despite this, it allowed us to organise our activity and its development. With strong leadership from top management, the process was rapidly adopted by all of the personnel who realised how important it would be for the future success of the company but also for the reassurance it would provide on a day-to-day basis. Olivia Lhoumeau knew how to provide suitably tailored support for the company, relative to the available finance and resources. Through her pertinent approach and rapid understanding of the company, Olivia Lhoumeau made everyone aware of the interest for us of certification and helped us set up a system the effectiveness of which was based on its simplicity. The thoroughness of her support and the quality of her interpersonal skills were, without doubt, a key factor in the successful conclusion of our project.

Operations Director

November 2011

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